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MICF Review: Annie Louey “Butt Donut”

Sometimes life does a 360 degree turn around and throw the most unexpected surprise at us. That is exactly what happened to Annie Louey; but not in a graceful way. You might wonder why “Butt Donut” is the name of the comedy show. Don’t worry, Annie will explain exactly how she got the name “Butt Donut” during the show.

Annie Louey, a burnt survivor comedian who took us on a journey of her life experiences. Travelling, family, being a Chinese born Australian… and of course, the survival story of her incident. She was engaging with the audiences, expressive and very detailed (in a comical way).

Annie knows how to interact with you, and keep you on your toes during her show. You might learn a little about Americans and travelling around the world. A show that has bittersweet moments that may make your nose tingle. (That feeling you get when you are about to cry?). But Annie will use her humour to make sure you walk out laughing.

Did you know if you type in Annie Louey on your iPhone, it automatically corrects it to “Annie Lousy”? She is constantly being reminded by her phone how terrible she is, but her comedy show is the total opposite of the hidden “Annie Lousy”.

It will be a smart idea to end your night watching Annie perform in a cozy room at Pilgrim Bar, right beside the Yarra River. I mean, who doesn’t want to go home with a smile on their face and thinking …What are those tracks? (Find out at “Butt Donut”!)

3 ½ stars
Reviewed and written by our guest writer –  Ting Chen
Where: Pilgrim Bar, Federation Wharf, Princes Walk, Melbourne
When: 8:15pm, Monday – Saturday until 21 April.
For more information and tickets check out the MICF website.