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Do you know what fear does?

As a Federal Marshal you’re required to step out of the light into the untouched dark. You ask the questions no one else wants to. Walk the path of the condemned. Face the hidden insanity. Strive for the unspeakable truth. Because when you see a monster you must stop it…

In its ninth year, Underground Cinema returns to Melbourne in May with their unique, secret, live, film screening experiences. Using actors, detailed sets and costumes, they’ve immersed you in over 40 secret worlds; from the fast paced world of Wall Street to training at Quantico for Silence of the Lambs, they’ve ensured your survival during the zombie apocalypse in 28 Days Later and helped you seek safe passage in World War 2, Casablanca.

Now, get ready to enter a thrilling new world as you step back in time to a sinister 1950s with an unforgettable, interactive, immersive experience unlike any other.

Welcome to Underground Cinema DELIRIUM.

*Please note: All sessions are 4+ hours including the live experience and film. This is not just a movie.

When: 24th May @ 7:00pm | 25th May @ 7:00pm | 26th May@ 7:00pm | 27th May @ 6:00pm
Where: Secret Melbourne
Dress Code: 1950’s Detective
Purchase your tickets: Here
More info: Here

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