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Interview: Dream Lover – Hannah Fredericksen

Dream Lover – The Bobby Darin Musical is a big show with a big score and a big heart. The show includes 34 great hits from the 50s and 60s including Mack The Knife, Beyond the Sea, Splish Splash and the multi-million-seller Dream Lover.

We had a chance to have a chat with Hannah Fredericksen, starring as Sandra Dee, to find out more about herself and the show.

Can you tell us a little about your background and how you got into performing?
In primary school my Principal gave my Mum a book called ‘Raising Your Spirited Child – A guide for parents whose child is MORE intense, sensitive, perceptive, persistent and energetic’. Poor Mum. I think it was clear to my parents very early on that I wouldn’t take a predictable path! I discovered music and theatre throughout school and it was where I found myself and truly thrived. Music came first; piano, guitar, saxophone and singing lessons and theatre followed soon after. I don’t remember the moment when I realised that it was something people could do for a living or when I decided it was what I wanted to do with my career but I have always had an innate and overwhelming love for storytelling and entertaining. When I finished high school I had my heart set on studying Music Theatre and I was lucky enough that the Victorian College of the Arts: Bachelor of Music Theatre had a place for a 17 year old from Brisbane. The rest is history!

Tell us what were some of the toughest moments as an actress?
‘Dreamlover’ covers all of Bobby Darin’s 37 years in two and a half hours. To ride the highs and lows of both his and Sandra Dee’s lives (and there were many!) on stage every night is quite emotionally challenging. It was also my first time playing a real life person rather than a fictional character and I felt a lot of (self-inflicted!) pressure to do justice to Sandra Dee’s legacy. It was a huge relief to have their son Dodd Darin’s approval and support after he attended our opening night performance in Sydney!

What was the highlight performing Dreamlover – The Musical?
To go on stage every night and tell a story I love, sing music I adore with an 18 piece big band and share the stage with people I cherish and respect. As a performer, it truly doesn’t get much better than that!

Your next adventure after DreamLover would be?
There are some exciting whispers but nothing I can confirm as yet! However,  I am about to become an Aunt three times over with my brother’s baby being born by Christmas and my sister having twins early next year so I imagine my babysitting duties will keep me very happily busy between gigs!

Now that we are heading into summer in Melbourne what would a best summers day look like with you in Melbourne?
We’ll begin with brunch. Brunch is a religion in Melbourne. I’ll take you to ‘St Ali’ in South Melbourne and then we can have a wander around the South Melbourne Markets, we can catch a movie at the outdoor cinema at The Abbotsford Convent and visit ‘Lentil As Anything’ for lunch, Pimms on the rooftop at ‘Madame Brussels’ in the late afternoon followed by dinner and dessert at ‘The Night Noodle Markets’. You’ll be very full and very sunburnt by the end!

If you could choose a different career path what would it be and why?
The first thing that jumped to mind when I read this question was ‘Shetland Ponies’. But I realise that isn’t quite a career path. So if I had to choose, I think I would be an interior designer. It’s creative and ever-changing and it would help me to justify my wildly unhealthy addiction to homewares magazines and Whenever I am touring it is always super important to me that I make my space feel like home and I think I’d really enjoy helping other people to do the same. But if all else fails, Shetland Ponies.

What are the five things you cannot live without?
Laughter, adventure, honesty, love and family. (And Whittakers Milk Chocolate).

Lastly, describe yourself in 5 words?
I have to come clean and say that I found this ridiculously hard so I cheated and put this to a family vote. Here are their five choices: vivacious, tenacious, funny, loyal and empathetic. Thanks Fredericksen’s!

Where: Art Centre Melbourne
When: 27 December 2017 – 1 March 2018
More information: Check their website