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The Carnival of Lost Souls Review

A circus-like you have never seen before, The Carnival of Lost Souls combines aerobatic acts, magical illusions, emotive music and dramatic performances to tell a tale of unrequited love and loss.

From the moment you walk through the Spiegeltent doors, you’ll find yourself whirled away to the mysterious and somewhat gothic 19th century. The living dead slither through the tent and on to the stage with nothing but lanterns for light. They lurk within the shadows with their piercing eyes always fixed on the audience while awaiting direction from the ringmaster.

Throughout the 90 minute show, you’ll bear witness to some carefully choreographed circus acts that display great strength and talent, leaving a look of awe on your face each time (especially when the actors seem to perform these acts with such ease). The Carnies show off their skills, balancing on anything they can, while the Aerialist gracefully dances and twirls from hoops and silk hanging off the big top.

The acrobatics continues with a swinging act that winds up with one of the most adrenalin pumping performances I have ever seen –  there’s nothing like a human skipping rope to WOW the audience. With acts performed in such an intimate space, the audiences are kept on their toes for the entire show, almost as if they are participants in this spectacle.

As the story unfolds between the acts, you’ll hear of the torment and betrayal that unrequited love can cause. With her delicate voice, the Gypsy sings of the love she has for the philandering Ringmaster and how she is taunted as he admires the other beautiful performers, never noticing the Clown that pines after her.

The Clown will take you on a journey with him, through love, loss and rejection with his comical facial expressions, hand gestures and gentle voice. You’ll watch as his heart is stomped on by the Gypsy and he slips further into the dark abyss of the afterlife and if you are anything like me, you’ll feel sorry for that lost soul.

With intricate, Victorian-inspired costumes by Clockwork Butterfly, an original and highly emotive soundtrack by PLATONIC, fantastic makeup, incredible balancing acts and a cast of talented performers, The Carnival of Lost Souls is a unique experience that evokes a sense of magic between life and death.

Reviewed and written by Kichelle McFarlane

Get your tickets for their finale show via the link below!
When: Saturday 28th of October
Where: The Melba Spiegeltent, 35 Johnston St.,Collingwood
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