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Fiona Tuck, health and wellness expert

Time to get your spring/summer body back on as the warm days approach. We got a chance to speak with Fiona Tuck, a Nutritional Medicine Practitioner, Skincare Expert, Yoga Teacher and an accredited member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society, and also for her to teach us a sneaky spring snack that will not destroy that fit-bod of yours. But first, let Fiona tell you a little more about the health industry and herself.

Tell us how you got into the health and wellness industry 25 years ago, Fiona.
I have always had a keen passion for health and wellness and after working in banking for a short while I realised I needed to follow my heart and study health and wellness which included three years full time of nutrition, skincare and spa therapies. I have worked in a variety of roles including hands on therapy, skincare, education, nutritional consults and manufacturing. One of my roles as an International Training Manager included lots of travel and after working in Asia and discovering the medicinal benefits of food I took an inquisitive path of wanting to learn more about food as medicine which then lead me to study nutritional medicine which took another wonder seven years.

What do you enjoy the most when you do public speaking?
I really enjoy connecting with people and being able to help them with any health or nutritional questions they may have. There are so many misconceptions about healthy eating I find many people are confused and are in need of non-biased informative advice without the food fads and marketing ploys.

How would you describe a healthy lifestyle to a kid?
Eating fresh home cooked food can make you happy and keep you full of energy. Get outside move, kick a ball, play with the dog or simply go out and have some fun. Eat a little bit of everything and not too much of any one thing. Most of all be proud and confident of who you are without comparing yourself to anyone else.

What are your top tips on getting back into shape for Spring/Summer?
Watch your portion size, we can easily consume too many calories by piling our plates too high.

Avoid fad diets that involve deprivation which often end up to overeating. Choose fresh, minimally processed foods which are high in nutrients and cut back on the packaged food. Make the majority of your plate vegetables with a small serve of protein, healthy fats and slow release carbs.

Cut back on alcohol by avoiding drinking mid week, and allow yourself a couple of glasses at the weekend.

80% of weight loss is about what we eat so the most important thing to address is diet. Look to eat a little bit of everything so that you do not feel deprived but not too much of any one thing.

We know that you grew up in Stock, England; tell us what made you move to Australia?
I have always had a yearning to come to Australia and the moment I landed in Sydney it felt like home. I love the people, the weather and the positive attitude here.

What would be your top skincare advice for women over 30?
No amount of cosmetics or skincare will make up for a bad diet. What we do or do not eat will directly affect the condition of the skin and how quickly it ages. Where Spf 50 on the face every day to avoid sun-damage but it is not necessary to spend a fortune on skincare. Price is not a good reflection of quality. Go by the results, if the products make a difference on your skin and improves it, keep using it!

If you could describe yourself under 5 words, what would it be?
Gentle, honest, loyal, focused and underestimated

Lastly, what can we expect from your book – The Forensic Nutritionist?
This is not your average green smoothie or mummy blogger wellness book. The Forensic Nutritionist helps you to investigate your own nutritional deficiencies, detect early health warning signs and know what your body really needs to stay strong, happy and healthy. The answers to good nutrition and health are not as straightforward as taking a health supplement or following the latest superfood trend. Have you ever wondered why you crave certain foods, get red bumps on the back of your arms or have lines or breakouts on certain areas of your face or body? Your body has its own language of communication and has ways of telling you what it really needs. If you want to dispel the health myths and get the real deal on healthy eating, The Forensic Nutritionist is for you. Available from online bookstores and leading bookstores Aug 2017.

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