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Experience life in the dark – brought to you by Dialogue in The Dark

Have you ever wonder what it is like if you have lost your vision or wonder what life is like if you were a vision impaired person? Dialogue in The Dark gives you a chance to experience how a blind person goes through their day in a 60 minutes walk in complete darkness.

We are so honoured to have a chance to go through this challenge last Friday, and we know that you would love it too. The venue is located at Harbour town, the perfect location for shopping, delicious food, and get a ride on Melbourne Star before you do the challenge!

Dialogue in The Dark is an immersive experience in total darkness through which, led by blind guides. Guests interact and communicate relying solely on their other senses during the entire 60 minutes walk in darkness, as you lose your sense of vision. Guests are armed only with a white cane while a blind guide provides skilled leadership through life’s everyday challenges and activities. Within a 60 min tour experience, guests will discover how to orientate and move themselves in the dark, identify the world around them through the other senses and collaborate without sight.

This whole exceptional exhibition is brought to you by Guide Dogs Australia, an organization that is more than just dogs. 30% of GDA business focus on training guide dogs and 70% of it focus on providing vital support for person who is blind or has low vision. All the profits from Dialogue in The Dark goes to Guide Dogs Australia, to help on mobility and occupational training, assist with financial support and improving community environments to make GDA more accessible for people who are visually impaired.

We also got a chance to have a chat with our guide, Cass who has low vision. Cass can’t tell between blue and purple and can only see 0.6 metres with blurred vision. Currently, she is studying at Monash Caulfield campus and has a guide dog herself. We asked her what is the most difficult thing she needs to face in her day to day life. The answer? Socializing. It is difficult when we see someone with a disability and feel awkward and unsure how we should engage with them. Let us broaden our hearts to understand that everyone has a disability in life, some are just more visible than others.


To find out more facts about Dialogue in The Dark, please click here.

Where: Harbour Town Docklands, Level 1, 29-31 Start Crescent
When: Tuesday – Sunday, please check the website for opening hours.
More information: Check out their website