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A new Fitzroy, food & cocktail pairing

Long-time Fitzroy cocktail institution Polly recently formed a one-of-a-kind collaboration with ‘anti-restaurant’ project, Chee-Boh, the creative culinary side-project brought to life by Executive Chef Matthew Tine, and the results so far have been pretty magical.

Polly Manager, Dave Whitehead is pretty excited about the collab, ‘we’re pretty excited to be working side by side with an experienced restaurant team, the combination of an established cocktail bar and a restaurant is actually quite rare and we feel that this really could be a niche that the people in Melbourne are looking for.’

He went on to say, ‘there are quite a few venues already that play in the space of food and cocktail pairings, but the bar is normally created to complement the restaurant offering, in this instance, the Polly / Chee-Boh concept is really more like two strangers, coming together with great ideas.’

Chee-Boh (Cibo – Italian word for food), has already hit the ground running with a fresh, balanced and affordable menu, which was designed to perfectly complement the impressive cocktail menu, and premium ambience at Polly.

Executive Chef, Matthew Tine, worked his way up from an apprentice at Chef Hat awarded Italian Restaurant Grossi Florentino over 11 years, honing his craft before opening Fitzroy  Restaurant, Mr Ottorino in 2016 with business partner Matty Miceli.

The new menu features delicious dishes like a Parfait Toasty with duck liver parfait, Jamón ibérico, fig jam and manchego on sourdough , a Potato Croquette Sandwich, natural and tempura oysters, but for the ultimate food plus cocktail pairings, we had to ask the experts themselves.

Dave’s pairing: Coffee Cured Cobia Ceviche, matched with Absinthe Bourgeois.
The strong anise notes and sweet taste are balanced well against the freshness of the ceviche. Refreshing, elegant flavours that work well together, mixed with the fun and drama of enjoying Absinthe in the traditional manner.

Matt’s pairing: Roasted Brisket Bun, matched with a Peachy Gonzale.
This cocktail is a little earthy with some sweetness whic h works well with the BBQ smokiness of the brisket and refreshes the palate.

Naturally, we tried the lot, and it was fabulous.

P.S – Vegans rejoice. Both the Chee-Boh menu and cocktail list at Polly include Vegan-friendly options.

Where: Polly Bar, 401 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy
More information / menus: Check out their website.

Written by Kerstyn Dance, photos by @brainchildphotography