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Good Beer Week is upon us

Gather your steins, boots, and Granddad’s best mug, Good Beer Week is upon us again for another year from the 12th to the 21st of May. Filled with a brimming cornucopia of events, this year brings with it a variety of themed moments spread across Melbourne City, such as Beer School, Pint of Origin, Foodie and Good Times.

Beer DeLuxe once again remains the heartbeat of the festival, with their prime location in Fed Square. Should you miss the festival’s opening party on the 12th, fear not: Beer DeLuxe are here to feed and water you in the best possible way. A six course-six beer night with a kiwi flavour (The country, of course – Liberty and Epic brewing from NZ fill your glasses), Palate to Plate menu offerings and Granddad’s Supper – The Boilermaker edition degustation on Saturday night are sure to tantalise.

Should you be the discerning type and seek education with your ale, Good Beer Festival has you covered. Meet the founder of Sierra Nevada beer baron Ken Grossman on the Wednesday to chat about becoming one of the US’s biggest craft breweries. Discover the art of beer and food pairings with Boatrocker Brewing Co. founder Matthew Houghton and Merricote’s Rob Kabbord on Monday. Not feeling lush enough? Matt Houghton joins Olivia Sutton from speciality cheesemongers Harper and Blohm for some cheesematching heaven.

Check out the full spread of Good Beer Week events here


Images via Good Beer Week Instagram