MICF Review: Just Like Buddah

Last week we were invited along to check out Anthony Jeannot’s 2017 Melbourne International Comedy festival show – Just Like Buddah.

In a way there were elements taken from last year’s show – Rage Against the Manchild, signature elements which sort of set Anthony apart from his fellow performers like his entrance.. he doesn’t really have one, this year, just popping up randomly from the back row to introduce himself.

There also was plenty of his usual self deprecating, sweet style of humour, but this year the delivery was injected with a lot more confidence, so the show was sharper, more on point.

Some of the jokes from last year were reworked into the new show, but the fresh material in Just Like Buddha takes the audience though trips to Sweden (and other types of trips), Anthony’s date with a Doomsday prepper, and the perils of trying to meditate with an over excited, anxious mind. All the kind of interesting, engaging tales that seem far out, but are relatable enough that the audience always has one of those ‘I totally get that’ moments.

We love how each show is still always signed off with Anthony’s signature warm words of wisdom and every member of the audience goes home with a little present.

Anthony is one of those comedians who keep getting incrementally better year on year. 4-stars.

Performing at 1000 £ Bend for the duration of the festival, and with affordable tickets, you can make a whole night of this, and see a whole bunch of artists (like Mat Kilpa, who we also checked out) in one spot, whilst enjoying their $6 wines. A winning combo if you ask us.

Where: 1000 £ Bend, 361 Little Lonsdale Street
When: Until 23 April
More information & tickets: Use promo code knowmelbourne at the check-out when buying on the MICF website for $10.30 tickets .