MICF Review: Sink Full of Forks

The first show we were invited to attend as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival was Jacqueline Mifsud’s – ‘Sink Full of Forks.’

Jacqueline is an already established performer, a co-host of the CH31 news satire program ‘The Leak’ and also works with Fox Sports as a warm up comedian, she’s someone who’s taken time to hone her craft and we, the audience get to enjoy the fruits of her labour.

Sink Full of Forks (and yes, this phrase DOES get a well-linked reference in the material presented) is Jacqueline’s second MICF show and includes tales of her time in France rock-starring as an unpaid tour guide surviving on tips alone, references to meaningful conversations with staplers, heartbreaking woes of going through a break up as well some serious home truths for the intelligent, independent woman.

Jacqueline is is charming and funny, and not just haha funny. We literally had tears running down our cheeks from laughter, even pausing after one particularly awesome punch line to have a ‘Pete-and-Manu-like knowing glance’ between us.

This show is delivered with a fabulous fast-paced flow, sharp and witty and mildly crude at times but only where relevant, you’ll struggle to keep up with her, but someone still manage to get everything.

We loved it. 4-stars!

Jacqueline’s show runs until the 8th if April and you’d be mad to miss this one, especially with a wine after a long day at work.

Where: Tasma Terrace, 6 Parliament Plac
When: Now – 8 April 2017
More information & tickets: Check out the MICF website.