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2017 MICF Interviews

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival is returning in 2017 with a spectacular line up of local and international performers in over 500 shows – running for four, hilariously entertaining weeks. We caught up with three local performers, and got their thoughts on the festival, tips on how best to enjoy it and the inside oil on their upcoming shows….

Gillian Cosgriff – 8 Songs in 8 Weeks

What about the MICF gets you excited?

Seeing as many shows as I can, especially new ones. This year I’m hanging out to see Liam Ryan, Double Denim, and Alice Tovey. Also, eating my own body weight in potato cakes.

What’s your top three recommendations for visitors to Melbourne to get the most out of MICF?
1. Take a chance on a show you’ve never heard of before – a new venue, a new genre of comedy, someone who flyers you in the street.

2. Go to the Festival Club to see a bunch of comedians in one show. It’s a great way to find a comedian you like and then go see their full show.

3. Make a night of it! I’m big on pre-show dumplings and post-show whiskey.

What should audiences expect from your show?
My show is musical comedy – it’s me and my piano, singing songs and doing stand-up. There is also a great story about an abandoned Russian cruise ship, if you’re into that kind of thing…

What do you do during the festival when you are not performing?
I see as many shows as I can. I eat everything. And sleep until midday. My parents are so proud. 

Gillian’s show, 8 Songs in 8 Weeks is on at The Butterfly Club, March 28 – April 9, 8:30pm. Tickets:

Nadine Sparks – Teacher

What do you love most about MICF?
Melbourne is most alive during MICF, you can feel the endorphins in the air from people getting the opportunity to sit in a room and watch people make them laugh. Also, comedy is totally my thing, so as a performer it is amazing to be in a festival that attracts such hysterical people. 

What are your top tips for getting the most out of MICF for visitors to Melbourne?
Speak to people flyering, many of whom are promoting their own shows or shows they are working on in some capacity. Obviously they are hoping you will come to their show, but for the most part they know the scene and will be able to advise visitors on different acts and who might be useful to see. The ticket booth can do similar, but they only manage some artist’s tickets. 

What should audiences expect from your show?
I am fast paced, quick witted and I love physical comedy. My show is the very best bits of my 15 years as a high school teacher. There are lots of really entertaining stories. There is something for everyone, but it will not be a PG show.

What do you do during the festival when you are not performing?
It’s a great opportunity for me to hang out with some people I only see during MICF. I tend to spend a lot of time seeing shows and dancing the night away with other artists. I do spots at showcases and I also do an improv show called ‘Improv Against Humanity’ which is at The Tickle Pit. I also try to look after my health, with good food and exercise. 

Nadine Sparks show ‘Teacher’ is on at Tasma Terrace 10th -13th of April and 18th -22nd of April Tickets on sale through Trybooking.

Evan Hocking – The Morning After

What is your favorite part about MICF?
Stressing about getting people into my show and constantly thinking “Is this good enough?” 

How would you recommend visitors to Melbourne get the most out of MICF?
Plan ahead so you can see a few shows in the one night. My show’son at 7pm at Hotel Barkly and “The Suburban Footballer” is on at 8.30pm at the same venue. You’re welcome!!!!!

What should audiences expect from your show?
Very little, then they won’t be disappointed… no it’s about waking up “The Morning After” with no recollection of the night before. During the show I detail one of the biggest stuff ups in my life. 

What do you do during the festival when you are not performing?
Refer to question 1 and try and see a few other shows and get drunk and wake up “The Morning After” with no recollection of the night before.

Evan’s show, The Morning After, is showing at The Hotel Barkley in St Kilda, 7.00pm, March 29-April 23 (5.30om on Sundays). Tickets are available on the door or via the Comedy Festival website.

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