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Are these Melbourne’s Best Dumplings?

Tucked away down Market Lane lies one of Melbourne’s best dumpling restaurants, HuTong Dumpling Bar. With a cult following, HuTong Dumpling Bar first made it’s mark on the Melbourne dumpling scene back in 2008. Going from strength to strength, the dumpling bar still solidly books out on most nights which is a testament to just how delicious their dumplings are.

With three levels of dining on offer, this restaurant offers everything from Shanghai street food to spicy Sichuan and northern China specialities. There’s an extensive menu with a range of dumplings, soups, seafood, local and seasonal dishes, including the fiery, red-hot oil dishes.

The scalding Shao Long Bao meat and soup dumplings are a specialty and if you don’t already know the rules on how to eat this we suggest you follow this guide. We put our skills to the test last week following this guide and after a couple of failed attempts we think we nailed it. The textures of the dumpling itself was on point, slightly chewy but not tough. The pork inside was perfectly cooked and the soup not too salty. A definite must try when you visit.

The options for vegetarians are limited in the dumpling range (the spinach dumpling was the only option) and throughout the menu, but this mimics menus in China where meat is the flavour of the day.

For those after something more than just dumplings, we recommend ordering the famous braised chicken in chilli, the ma po tofu or the crispy fragant duck, all of the same exceptional standard as the dumplings.

There’s a high turnover at HuTong Dumpling, but you will never feel edged out of the door before you can even put your chopsticks down. The prices are reasonable and it’s a great option for a larger group setting. Just remember not to wear your brand new dress, as slurping dumplings can get messy.

Where: HuTong Dumpling Bar, 14 -16 Market Lane Melbourne

Visit the website here.