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A trip to Paris to Provence

France has held a special place in our hearts since the ripe young age of 15, when we first had the opportunity to explore the country on a high school exchange. We immediately fell in love with the style of Paris, the pastries at the patisseries and the je ne sais quoi of the whole country. Since then, we have squeezed in a few more visits to the capital of love, but distance hampers as many trips as we would like.

Luckily for us, we have the Paris to Provence festival. A highly anticipated event on the We Know Melbourne events calendar,  the Paris to Provence festival is now in it’s eighth year. The festival was started by Frenchwoman Laura (although you couldn’t tell she was French by her accent) who wanted to bring a slice of her home to Melbourne.

Taking over the Como House and Garden, the festival whisks guests away to what seems like a  bustling village in the middle of France. Arriving early, we were lucky that peak crowds hadn’t reached the festival yet which meant no lines for some of our favourite food stalls, including  Agathe Patisserie and her delicious olive croissants and cruffins, Gontran Cherrier and his delicious pastries and Milk the Cow with their cheese plates.  

After our very Parisian breakfast, we made our way to the Versaille gardens for the highlight (well ours anyway) of the festival, the French Bulldogs in France-y Dress Costume Party. Laura, the festival was there to introduce the party with 2 of very own Frenchies, before a parade of some of the cutest dressed up French Bulldogs we’ve ever seen.

The rest of the morning was spent leisurely strolling through the different gardens, each aptly named after a French region. Sampling and tasting everything we could possibly fit in our stomachs, we left the festival content with our French fix, eagerly anticipating next year’s festival. That’s if we don’t get to France first.

Visit the Paris to Provence website