Review: The Carnival of Lost Souls

Sucked down a rabbit hole, into a dark, magical 19th century gothic circus, we attended the world premiere of The Carnival of Lost Souls last weekend in the perfect setting of the Melba Spiegeltent, Collingwood – and we loved it a little bit.

The story itself was built around a tragic love triangle, a beautiful tortured soul gypsy lady, pined after by the unnoticed sad-faced clown, as she herself has already given her heart to a cold, philandering carnival ringmaster, but the real highlights here – were the detailed, Clockwork Butterfly designed Victorian costumes, the unbelievable balancing acts performed by dead-eyed hoodlums and lacey-panted ladies resurrected from a bygone era.

The original score soundtrack was reminiscent of the sounds of Smashing Pumpkins as each act was broken up with songs performed by a mysterious guitar player in the wings and the two star crossed lovers in turn.

If you are looking for a happy ending, you may not find it in this dark carnival of doomed deities, but if you like a ripping guitar riff, glorious steampunk nostalgia and fantastic feats of acrobatic awesomeness, this show hits the mark in every way.

A beautiful yin and yang blend of music, art and physical performance.

This show has closed already, running only 2 sold out nights.

More information: Check out their Facebook page.

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