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Review: Scotch & Soda – A Perfect Mix

Scotch & Soda, a glorious, high-energy collaboration between Company 2 & The Uncanny Carnival Band totally met its brief of a quirky mix of circus meets jazz – we have never before seen such a sexy, cool display of upper-body arm strength & flexibility.

This is the kind of show you don’t need to be ‘into’ a genre to enjoy. It’s a mix of theatre, raw & funky jazz, old-world humour, dance, & of course breathtaking acrobatics. There is something for everyone, & plenty to enjoy.

The talented troupe, flip, swing, hang & balance precariously on all sorts of crazy contraptions in gorgeous old-world costumes straight out of shabby chic Moulin Rouge & a black & white era for well over an hour to some seriously groovy jazz beats.

Backed by Sydney based ‘The Uncanny Carnival Band’ – the music is seriously good fun.
Less, daggy straight-up jazz & more like groovy, cool-kid jazz, the sort of tunes that, just for a minute, make you forget where you are & be drawn into their kooky made-up-world for a bit of true escapism.

Incidentally, the band have released the Scotch & Soda soundtrack on Bandcamp here for those who may want a little bit of a preview… but you literally cannot beat the mixture of seeing their passion for live performance, & the crazy, next-level energy of Company 2 as they do their thing.

The name ‘Scotch & Soda’ was taken from the idea of mixing two things that go together perfectly, & this show does. It’s dark, down & dirty vaudeville spruced with quirky humour & ‘oh-my-gosh’ acrobatic moments, & we might just go back & see it again before it wraps up on the 23rd of October.

Where: Wonderland Spiegeltent, 101 Waterfront Way, Docklands
When: Wed Oct 12 – Sun October 23, 2016. 5pm and 8pm shows available.
More informationCheck out their website