Pokémon Go – A short guide to the Melbourne CBD

Pokémon fever has taken Melbourne by storm resulting in determined trainers trawling the streets for exotic and rare additions to their Pokémon collections. To help you on your journey to become the very best (like no one ever was), We Know Melbourne have investigated and listed the best spots in the Melbourne CBD to track down your favourite Pokémon

Docklands – Head to Melbourne’s famous harbor to seek the water types such as the squid Tentacool, the rare Vaporeon (one of the evolved forms of Eevee) and Slowbro, the bizarre Pokémon with a clam stuck to its tail. While you’re there: take in a spectacular view via the Melbourne Star, experience the Friday-night Winter Fireworks, enjoy a refreshing ale at the Woolshed Pub.

Flagstaff Gardens A reliable hotspot for major Pokémon activity that will have your phone a constant buzz, just watch out for fellow trainers. Recent sightings include fighting type Machop, the powerful Nidoqueen (the final form of a female Nidoran) and the spiky Sandslash. While you’re there: relax in the peaceful surroundings of Melbourne’s oldest park, absorb a dose of local history at the Royal Historical Society of Victoria, sample some fresh delicates across the road at the Queen Victoria Markets.

Birranrung Marr – A beautiful riverside park and a favourite route for a lot of MCG goers, encounters with Pokémon are found to be very frequent with a fossil type Kabuto found regularly, clusters of Seels have been seen relaxing on the riverbank and plenty of Squirtles/Bulbasaurs for constant candy production. While you’re there: let the kids burn some energy at ArtPlay playground, admire the inspiring artworks celebrating Victoria’s indigenous culture, create some spicy tunes composing the Federation Bells using your smart phone.

South BankAmongst the casual crowds dining at the various restaurants and bars, many Pokémon can can be caught including Ponyta the fire horse, Psyduck and the extremely rare Lapras. If you have a bit of spare time on your hands, there is a very high abundance of Magikarp waiting to be reeled in for major candy production (400 candy for evolution to the mighty Gyarados). While you’re there: check out the best view in Melbourne at the Eureka Skydeck, see the city sights in elegance via a Yarra River cruise, surround yourself with culture throughout the Arts Precinct.

Southern Cross StationMelbourne’s largest train station, not exactly seen as a Pokémon safari however one of the more desired names (apart from a Mew or Mewtoo of course) is the legendary, Dragonite who has been a regular visitor. Just watch out for incoming trains while your searching the station. While you’re there: update your wardrobe within the Spencer Outlet Centre, stop into Kinfolk Café for a freshly roasted coffee.

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