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Review: Flesh Eating Tiger

Whilst pitched as a comedy slash drama, Amy Tofte’s Flesh Eating Tiger is a play not for the faint-hearted. A cautious word to the wise, it is not a ‘fun’ performance, it has heavy content, it’s real, rough, raw…. black, beautiful.
It’s a love story, but not in a traditional sense.

You will laugh, you will probably cry and without a doubt you will at times feel uncomfortable. Going in with a pre-description of ‘man addicted to alcohol, woman addicted to man, it’s not possible to not feel anything at the end of this 70-minute piece in the super-intimate Owl & Cat Theatre.

Flesh Eating Tiger is a unique concept, blurring the lines between reality and storytelling, it’s actually a performance within a monologue within a play. The beautiful cast of two unnamed characters portrayed by Amy Gubana and Marcus Molyneux take us through the rocky ups and downs of what starts as a forbidden crush and move very quickly through the fiery, tumultuous relationship of a married woman and an ex-alcoholic struggling with sobriety. 

The passion and rawness at times was so intense it crawled under the skin and made us uncomfortable, no doubt touching a nerve with everyone in the audience, but also keeping the audience enthralled the entire time. 

At the time, I loved it, hated it, I couldn’t decide, but also couldn’t sit on the fence. A powerful performance and touching tale which gets even better in hindsight.

When: 8pm (4pm Saturday) until 4 June

Where: The Owl & The Cat Theatre – 34 Swan Street Cremorne

Visit the website here.