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Les Mills Cycling Experience

Having done Cycling, RPM, Hi-Perf RPM, Spin, and other cycling varieties on offer by different clubs in the past, I was really keen to get into the saddle and give this latest creation by Les Mills a try, especially since I haven’t physically been on the stationary bike since December last year due to an injury.

I arrived at the venue at Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre on Saturday morning and it was buzzing with hundreds if not thousands of fit-looking crowds, as it also coincided with the Australian Health & Fitness Expo. I ran into some friends and instructors that I knew, and was overjoyed to tell them that I was about to take part of the Australia’s first immersive cycle experience.  Expectations were certainly high!

After a quick introduction to the team (both from Les Mills & Reebok), we were escorted to the room, and my first impression with the massive screen, pumping music and sexy looking bikes was WOW!!!!

I positioned myself on the 2nd row in the centre, so I got to immerse myself better in the experience. Unlike traditional spin classes where the instructor faces the participants and tells them what to do, this time the instructor had his back to us and lead from the front.   Our instructor Chris cued the exercise moves and speed to synchronize perfectly with music and the cinema-quality video content on the screen.  We were literally transported to another world, and with each different track came a different world and different experience.  All were equally hard and immersive.

We were provided with a bottle of water & a Les Mills towel as we entered the room, and I was so grateful for them, as only after the first 2 tracks, I was sweating profusely and was so glad I had H2O on hand to rehydrate.

The 42-minute workout, ‘The Trip’ begins on earth, embarking on a journey to a futuristic city, then into outer-space with stars, moon, and galaxies all thrown in together to create a visually amazing, tripping riding experience.

I was literally sad when Chris signaled that The Trip was to end in approximately 2 minutes time.  I wanted more!!!

I couldn’t believe that I survived my first RPM session without getting bored or god-forbid, resenting the trainer. Did I enjoy it? I certainly did!  Were my legs sore the next day?  Hell Yes!  Would I do it again?  In a heartbeat!

Thank you for the privilege of experiencing Australia’s first immersive cycle experience.  Certainly exceeded my expectations!

Written by Guest Blogger, Alex Mihardja.

Visit the Les Mills website.