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Hot Tub Cinema Review

I love Bowie. I love cocktails. And who doesn’t love a hot tub. What an absolutely ripping combination, and I got to combine them all at Hot Tub Cinema – let’s dance!

All terrible puns aside, we were invited along to experience the newly opened Hot Tub Cinema, located outside The Common Man in Southbank. Film for the evening… Labyrinth. Aim for the evening…. kick back in a hot tub, consume a few beverages and..’forget about the baby.’ 


… no?

Upon entry, everyone is allocated a hot tub number, kitted out with a lit up water bottle (more about this later), and given instructions to set up your bar tab at the neighbouring bar, The Common Man. The whole experience is pretty slick, you can set up you bar tab, as well as pre-order cocktails and food to be delivered directly to your tub at a pre-arranged time.

This means you’ll never need to leave the warm waters of the tub… well for food or drinks anyway (wink).

Your water bottles are actually a clever multi-purpose tool, designed to keep you hydrated, because technically you are boiling in water like a potato for close to two hours, also as a beacon for your friends as they return from a bathroom visit to guide them safety back to your tub like a plane coming in to land (I didn’t witness even one instance of tub hopping – everyone was wildly polite) – but, when switched to flashing mode – a clever way to attract the attention of the fabulous bar staff so they can take your drinks order. Pretty fun.

There are three options for those who are keen give Hot Tub Cinema a crack. You can book an entire tub for you and five of your favourite people (our recommendation), for $360 (maximum 6 hot tubbers), choose to roll the dice and share with randoms to make new friends for $65 each, or if keeping dry is more your scene – you can also opt for a ‘dry ticket’ which gives you a deck chair in the centre of the tent which aren’t as fun as the whole hot tub experience – but if you are more about the movie that the overall tub deal, do actually give you the best view, these are just $30 and you still get the whole food and drink delivery service.

We were super lucky and shared a tub with just two other girls #winning.

You won’t see too much serious cinema here, the whole concept has been designed around maximum fun, so for the remaining four weeks of this six week season you’ll get to see classics like the Karate Kid, the original Ghostbusters, Superbad and Pineapple Express. 

You can also take your pick of one of the many fun props lying around for ultimate photo opportunities, like a super cute captains hat, shower cap or beachball, and in a nod to the events major sponsor, Tourism Fiji – everyone gets ‘lei’d’ mid way through the movie, so by the end of the night you end up with quite a few souvenirs to take home as a reminder of your night. Check out their Facebook page for some of the cheeky pics fellow hot tubbers have posted.

Hot Tub Cinema is here for a short time, is selling out fast and wraps up it’s season on Sunday 29 May (screening Hitch if you are interested). Get five of your favourite people together, book a tub to yourselves and check it out for yourself.

Where: The Common Man, 39 Dukes Wharf, South Wharf 

When: Thursday – Sundays, until Sunday 29 May, 2016

Visit the website here