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Comedy Hypnosis! Entranced – MICF Review

Last week we went to see Isaac Lomman and his hypnosis show, as part of the Comedy Festival. Watching him tap into the minds of some volunteers making them do certain tricks had us entranced. 

Isaac said we experience hypnosis every single day of our lives. Was this true? Is this real or fake? Were these volunteers put aside earlier in the show and given scripts? We asked ourselves these questions as we watched the beginning of the show unfold. Isaac was determined to prove that hypnosis is very possible.

Guiding us through his process, he put his volunteers in a trance-like state, where they responded quickly to his commands in their own unique ways, each displaying a different way of doing the action. We watched people sleep, laugh uncontrollably, and respond to tasks that involved the audience.

Overall the show was very entertaining and funny.  It was refreshing to see a comedy about people “sleeping” and doing things that we would never do ourselves unless under a magic spell. Highly recommended for all ages and people who have never witnessed comedy hypnosis.

Rating: ★★★

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