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Anthony Jeannot: Rage Against the Manchild – MICF Review

When the doors open for this show, and the audience file into the room, Anthony watches them creepily from his spot on the corner of the stage  – except it’s not creepy, not even a little bit, in fact the entire first five minutes of the show is dedicated to his hilarious apology slash justification for his actions, which sort of puts everyone at ease, and considering they are already laughing – into the right mood for the rest of the show.

The binding premise for this hour-long show is reflection on the contents of a letter that the 14 year old Anthony wrote to his future self, listing his top 3 life observations which he goes on to share with the audience:

  1. Love is the best thing we do;
  2. If you have the opportunity to help, you have the obligation to try; and
  3. We all do the best job we can in life.

Poignant, beautiful stuff really – unexpected in the stand up comedy genre. And from there we’re taken back and forth through endearing tales relating to these principles, and whether or not they ended up shaping his life on the road to his adult self.

Afterwards, when sitting there munching away at the contents of my post-show pirate lolly bag (like kids at a birthday party, everyone gets one at the end of his show), I couldn’t quite put my finger on exactly what made this show so special, and then it becomes clear. Warmth. Anthony Jeannot is the ‘nice guy’ of comedy.

Rage Against The Man Child is narrative comedy of the highest calibre, and steers clear of the ‘punchline after punchline delivery’ many performances rely on. The tales are witty, insightful but also warm and fuzzy and that’s just what sets it apart from other traditional stand-up shows.

It’s got the minimum amount of bad language, the stories are sweet and you’ll laugh the whole time. Take your Mum, take your Nanna, take whoever – but you should definitely head along and see this guy’s Melbourne International Comedy Festival Show before he wraps up on 17th April.

Rating: ★★★★1⁄2

When: Until 17th April

Where: The Downstairs Lounge @ The Grand Mercure

Visit the website here.