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Miles Milson & David Boyle: Banned for Life – MICF Review

You either love stand up comedy or you don’t. It’s that harshly critiqued genre where the person on stage goes home with either the roars of audience laughter in their ears… or the sound of tumble weeds, crickets and broken dreams…. No pressure.

These guys were funny. Genuinely funny. But you literally couldn’t find two more different blokes, and I think that was what worked so well. 

First to take the stage was David (Private) Boyle. Full of traditional Australian humor, the crowd were really into his act and laughed the whole way through. David is high energy and enthusiasm with the usual twisted perception on real life which people go to stand up nights to hear. 

And then came Miles Milson. A completely different kettle of fish. He had the kind of chilled, ‘off-on-a-tangent’ humor you and your best mate would laugh your heads off at 2am after a big night. Real dark, random humor. Which after all, is the best kind. A fun way to finish the show, I’ll definitely never look at ham the same way again.

The show isn’t for everyone. If you aren’t really into stand up, and get offended by swearing – definitely pick another show, but it’s funny, quirky and well targeted to the audience – a fun little gig to check out as part of the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

Get along and see it before they finish up on 13 April and see for yourself.

When: Until 13 April

Where: Boney @ 68 little Collins st, Melbourne 3000

Visit the website here.