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3 States of Comedy: Reinstated – MICF Review

It’s the way fights were meant to be settled: head to head… to head comedy bouts. Danny Stinson, Geoff Setty and Becky Steepe battle it out to have their state crowned as Australia’s funniest.

First up, representing everyone’s favourite state, Victoria (not that we’re biased in Melbourne), is Danny Stinson. Straight out of the ring and Stinson is throwing punches. There’s sealife in strange places, disorientated drunks and spiders who are watching their weight. You expect that the rest of the show is going to continue in a similar vein; but this is where the state bashing ends.

One liner Geoff Setty has the best rapport with the room. He has great timing, and seems to have a joke about every subject imaginable, but there is a flow missing to his work. Going from Star Wars sex jokes to Happy Days to “Hitler Instagram” is just a little too much of a leap. You can still tell a story with one liners, and you can lose your audience if you move around too much.

Going on last is a difficult spot, and it’s obvious that Becky Steepe is nervous. But what she particularly needs to work on is making sure her comedy doesn’t sound like she’s reading a script. She’s clearly spent a lot of time writing and remembering her jokes but you have to some sort of pizazz when you’re telling them, otherwise the audience might as well just read them to themselves.

The idea behind 3 States of Comedy is great, but the show just doesn’t live up to its potential. There are tweaks that could make a big difference to how successful it is like getting the comedians to interact more rather than having three separate sections, or really making the audience pick sides. There are so many shows at the comedy fest, so they need to properly embrace the novelty of theirs.

Rating: ★★1/2

Joanna Trainor

Joanna is a Journalism student on exchange from London, currently studying at RMIT. Having missed Edfringe last year she is absolutely loving being around Melbourne for the Comedy Fest. She can often be found singing too many show tunes, and drinking all the coffee. Follow her on Twitter, @mintpixeljo, for more stagey ramblings.

When: Until 17th April, 6pm (Tuesday to Sunday)
Where: The Downstairs Lounge @ The Swanston Hotel

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