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Eleanor’s Story: An American Girl in Hitler’s Germany (Review)

Going into this show, we wondered how heavy the content would be as the storyline centered entirely around a young German / American girl and her traumatic experience in Hitler’s Germany, during World War II.

We needn’t have worried. 

Before the performance began, a gentleman came out and addressed the audience… “despite the serious nature of this piece, it’s important to know that some parts will, in fact be lighthearted in nature – and we encourage you to laugh, it’s actually ok.

This announcement set the tone perfectly for what we found to be an entertaining, fast-paced and emotional account of the true story of Eleanor Ramrath Garner between the age of 9 to 16, when her family, filled with promises of a more secure future, packed up and left America for Berlin in 1939.

No sooner than they had boarded their ship – than war was declared and they were trapped in Germany – thus setting the tone for this incredible tale of strength, survival, and optimism during one of the most harrowing times in world history.

elEleanor’s Story is a one-woman show adapted for the stage and performed by Ingrid Garner, Eleanor’s granddaughter from the book of the same name. Having grown up hearing her Grandmother Eleanor’s stories of the war – Ingrid chose this tale to be her playwriting debut, and executes this riveting hour-long performance with passion, emotion and humor.

All the stories in this piece are true and are at times humorous, nail-bitingly thrilling and other times sad. A must see, particularly for those with an interest in modern and World War II history – an account from the eyes of a young girl who lived it, and survived. 

When: Until 20 March 2016

Where: Chapel off Chapel (12, Lt Chapel Street, Prahran)

Visit the website here. 

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