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An evening of storytelling at Moth StorySlam

Last night we sat down to an evening of storytelling at the Moth StorySlam. Taking over the back room of Howler in Brunswick, there was not an empty seat in the house, as the audience prepared to be entertained by those wishing to share their most personal, intimate tales.

If you’ve never been to a Moth StorySlam, we’d highly recommend it. Each month the audience is given a theme where anyone and everyone can prepare a story to tell on stage. Audience members put their name in a bag at the start of the night and one by one, their names are drawn from the bag. The stories need to be true, must be on topic and must be your story to tell. No stand-up routines, essays or how-to’s – and in case you forget the rules their up on the wall where storytellers wait when they are called up to the stage.

This month’s theme was lost and storytellers had 5 minutes to ‘prepare a five-minute story about life sans GPS. Tales of the clueless, the befuddled or the map-less! Off course or led astray, stories from those deep in thought, up a creek or otherwise unable to see the light. Was lost. Now Found.’

Comedian, Kal Wilson was the MC/host of the night and she did a fantastic job connecting the stories with short audience stories and sharing a few personal tales of her own ranging from times of losing her own child through to travel – one of them involving a road trip in LA where her and her friends went on a 5. 5 hour mission to Mexico for 1.5 hours and ate a burrito at Dennys before turning around and heading back. A total Mexican experience!

With ten storytellers in total, the audience was entertained with all sorts of stories. Judging these stories and giving a score out of 10, were three teams, Wilson, Found and Wanderland. Funny stories came from  Giovanni who recalled a drunken NYE turning into a love being refound (or should we say stalked) on the other side of the world through Facebook;  Stephen’s madman tale about relocating from a small Amish community to Canberra and then Mexico City; and Ellie’s story about fighting with a stranger over her phone and kebab (yes, a kebab!).  There were also the more personal stories like James’ adopted cousin in Thailand and the family connections that grew from that, through to Nicola’s intimate story of her first time sleeping together with a girl. But the winner of the night, and by far our favourite was Margaret’s story about her mountaineer family trip to the beach and the series of unfortunate events that happened along the way right up until the end where she was left behind by her parents on the beach (or so she thought).


To finish off the night, those who’s name was not drawn from the bag were invited up onto the stage to tell the first line of the story that they were going to tell, leaving us wanting to find out more!

Next month’s theme is Jokers – Get your stories ready or if you’re not a storyteller book your tickets early! The night is for sure going to be an entertaining one.

When: 4 April, 2016 (then monthly)

Where: Howler, Brunswick.

Visit the website here.