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All aboard the Aqua Donut!

Last Friday evening, the We Know Melbourne team were invited to try out the Aqua Donut in the Docklands. Already a summer favourite in Europe, the Docklands’ Aqua Donut is the only one of it’s kind in Australia and an experience that both tourists and locals will love.

If you’ve never heard of the Aqua Donut before and in your mind are questioning exactly how does a Donut in water work, rest assured that the Aqua Donut, is not your regular type of donut. The Donut is actually made of fibreglass, electrically powered to float along the water (lifejackets included) with a barbecue to complete an all round top Aussie dining experience.

Upon arriving at the Docklands, our team of 9 met Isaiah who guided us through our Donut experience and what to expect. We were instructed that we could float anywhere between the yellow buoys, to hook up to them when we wanted to BBQ and to finally not jump off into the water (or fall off – don’t worry it’s extremely safe and everyone was given life jackets in case of an emergency). Then it was ships ahoy (or should we say donuts ahoy) as we jumped on to the donut and floated into the river. Josh was our captain and steered the boats, drifting us into the middle of water in between us ooh-ing and ah-ing and repeating ‘we’re on a donut!’

Once hooked up to our buoy, we fired up the BBQ, connected our tunes (you can hook up your playlist on your phone to the sound system),  and sat back to take in the stunning sunset and backdrop of the Docklands. There’s something about being in the middle of the water on your own private donut with good friends, good music and good food which washes away (pun intended) all your cares in the world! The evening seemed to fly by and before we knew it our time was up. Heading back into the shores, we all agreed, that the donut is great for a group get together or an afternoon bonding session like other. After all we had all ridden the donut together, and not many people can say that.


When: Friday – Sunday – 11am-8.30pm; Monday – Thursday – By appointment only for multiple Aqua Donut bookings

Where: Docklands, Melbourne

Cost: $240 – large group hire for 2 hours, MAX 10 including kids); $180 – small group hire for 2 hours; or $150 for couple for 2 hour hire.

Visit the website here.

Food for our Aqua Donut experience was supplied by Destination Docklands