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A Foodie Battle | Ms Collins

Last night we attended Good Food Month’s Battle of the Pans at Ms Collins.

To kick of the night the two foodie giants, Daniel Wilson of Huxtable fame and Daniel Poyner, resident chef at Ms Collins were introduced, giving a short speech about what to expect. Wilson was to cook up dishes with a pan asian flavour and Poyner, more of a modern Australian touch. Upon looking at the menu, we already were anticipating which dishes we would give the tick to, but were secretly hoping that the chefs would surprise us.

Each round was served with a battle card where we had to circle our favourite dish.

First up of the ranks, Round 1. Wilson was serving up Pan fried prawn rice noodle roll w sesame ginger dressing & coriander and Poyner, Seared scallops w peas, fennel, lemon & guanicale. Normally not a fan of prawns, Wilson’s dish surprised us. The crispiness of the rice noodles wrapping the prawns gave it a fresh new taste, to the point where we were even chomping on the tail (this was encouraged). The scallops also impressed us (pictured below). Never trying guanicale before (nor knowing what it was – it’s pork jowl in case you’re wondering), the saltiness of it perfectly complemented the scallops. However only one dish can win. First round went to Wilson’s prawns.

Seared scallops

Round 2. Wilson’s Wagyu tataki w shiitake, black garlic ponzu  & daikon cres vs Poyner’s Grilled lamb loin w truffled potato puree, spring veg & rosemary jus. Before even trying the dishes, we couldn’t help but already pick a winner. Wilson’s dish sounded divine and it delivered. Perfect in every way, this was our dish of the night. Unfortunately, because of the lighting we couldn’t get a good photo but below is the lamb.


Up next, the final round. The dessert battle was between Wilson’s Mango, jasmine rice, panna cotta w kaffir lime & coconut sorbet vs Poyner’s Lemon posset w raspberries & chocolate hazelnut biscotti. Now if you know anything about us, you’ll know that we’re giant sweet tooths. We love our desserts and will often look at the dessert menu before even looking at the mains. It was going to be a tough decision for this round as both sounded spectacular and such different flavours. But once again there could only be one dish circled and this time, Poyner reigned.

Then it was decision time. Who would take out the foodie crown? We’ve got to say both of the menus each chef served up was delicious, almost flawless, but there could only be one winner. And drumroll please….. the winner was Daniel Poyner!

Where: Ms Collins, 425 Collins St.

Visit the website here