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Fringe Festival Review: A Star is Bored

A Star is Bored was anything but boring. In fact, it had all the energy of a one-man mini Broadway show in loud flanno PJs with fabulous hair.

Kicking off with a hilarious showreel, where Nick parodies everything from Broadway and primetime crime to teen horror movies, we were taken on his journey from the ill-matched mean streets of Reservoir through an all-consuming Foxtel addiction, his never-give-up-efforts to make it big in reality television (including a super-funny Toddlers & Tiaras’ parody) to his final destination – when it all came together in a shower of glitter – set to Sesame Street.

Nick Eynaud’s vocal range was incredible – his catchy but well written songs adapted to the tune of popular hits from the last few decades, my personal favourite.. set to Kate Bush’s Wuthering Heights was perfectly timed and came out of left field for maximum effect. 

I simply can’t recommend this show enough, especially if you are a fan of pop culture and musical theatre, ironic references to the desperation and depravity of soul-selling reality television and the narcissistic belief that, in the words of Andy Warhol – ‘in the future, everyone will be world-famous for 15 minutes.’

The level of audience interaction was also perfectly balanced for those who prefer to comfortably sit back and watch performances – we even walked away with a signed headshot. Thanks Nick, it’s going straight to the pool room.

A Star is Bored has completed it’s 2015 Melbourne Fringe Festival run at the Butterfly Club.

Visit the website here.  

Written by Guest Blogger, Kerstyn Dance.