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Our Gravity Float Experience

Gravity Floatation Centre

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to exist in a world without gravity? Last week, we got to experience the true feeling of weightlessness with the latest relaxation trend – floatation therapy, at the Gravity Float Centre.

If you’re scratching your head, confused about exactly what is floatation therapy, then you’re in the same boat (no pun intended) as we were. Floatation therapy dates back to the 1950s when medical practitioner and neuropsychiatrist , John Lily wanted to test the effects of sensory deprivation. Since then floatation therapy has been used widely for stress, anxiety and muscle relaxation.

Gravity Float Centre is located in Northcote (right opposite Welcome to Thornbury), and their centre is focused on providing the ultimate relaxation therapy. Their range of  organic skincare products, herbal teas and zen waiting room are the perfect complement to your therapy.

After you have filled out the usual registration forms, you are led into your private Gravity Float room (there’s 6 of them in the centre) and a staff member runs you through what to expect.  We were told that the Gravity Pod is heated to body temperature, with 600kg of Epsom salts and just enough water so that you’ll always be floating a few inches from the bottom.

We must admit that  we were a little bit apprehensive at first – the idea of getting into a closed pod and lying in there for an hour sounded terrifying, especially when at the best of times we are usually a little bit claustrophobic and cannot sit still for longer than a minute. But we were there to relax so into the pod we went.

The experience started off with an initial 10 minutes of calming music that eased us into the experience, and there is a calming blue light that gives the pod a warm glow. It took us a while  to settle in with a bit of splashing around and readjusting of our neck pillow (definitely recommended for first timers). We also had to get used to the idea of not rubbing our eyes. We don’t recommend getting the salt water anywhere near your eyes as they will sting like never before – although there’s a saline spray in the pod if you’re anything like us and manage to splash some in.

After a good 15-20 minutes we found our relaxation position, and settled in for the remainder of the hour in complete silence and darkness. It is a strange sensation not being able to see, nor feel the weight of your body but it something to be experienced! Time just seemed to pass by and before we know it, the calming music had started up again telling us that our session was over.

We trialled the introduction pack -3 passes – as they say it takes 3 times to get used to the whole idea of floatation and relaxation and they were correct.  It does take a while to fully sink into that pure trance state. Although we enjoyed all three sessions, it was  on the third and final time, that we felt at one with the whole relaxation therapy. We weren’t even sure whether we fell asleep or not (which they say is the ultimate relaxation)! After that third session it was as if both our mind and body felt completely restored, and free of aches and pains with a desire to book in that next float session.

Where: 559 High St, Northcote VIC 3070 (soon to open in Armadale).

We Know Melbourne Tip: This relaxation therapy is for anyone and everyone, whether you are  injured by sports, stressed,  pregnant or just someone who needs a bit of R&R time. If at first, you don’t feel the benefits, go back a couple more times. It’s worth it!

Visit the website here.