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Fringe Festival Review: The Sparrow Men

Melbourne Fringe Festival

The fun thing about improv is that you can go to the same show every night for a week, and quite literally never see the same thing twice. Having seen these two in action before at the Melbourne Comedy Festival, I was once again (as always) impressed by their quick wit, fast ability to throw themselves into character and to draw energy and direction from each other with the smallest of cues.

As with most performances of this genre, the audience are asked to throw out their best and brightest one-word ideas for the theme of the night’s show. In this instance we were visibly taken from the sumptuous, marble-roofed home of two fussy retirees, one nosily and jealously spying through the venetian-blinded windows on the new wealthy neighbours as they were moving in, over to the neighbours themselves, past two would-be assassins Russian with a penchant for ham (by the gram) – and then right back around to the beginning, each set of characters somehow linked to one-another as part of the story – it all becoming clear at the end in a loud ‘A-HA’ moment.

Marcus and Andy have great energy, a clear, swinging dynamic and a fabulous knack for making their audience laugh. They also have a neat offer of free return tickets, so if you like what you see on the night and feel like heading back for a repeat performance you can do so on the house.

When: 24- 26th September 2015

Where: Trades Hall, Old Council Chambers, Carlton

Visit the website here. 

Written by Guest Blogger, Kerstyn Dance.