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A Night at Lido Cinemas

Lido cinemas

Having missed the opportunity to catch Dope at MIFF earlier this month, we have been eagerly awaiting it’s general release in Melbourne cinemas and on Thursday our wait was over. Lido were doing a special screening of it and we jumped to buy tickets. 

You may have been to Lido cinemas back in the day if you’re from an older generation, but for us, and what it seems like the whole audience (there was definitely a generation Y thing happening), we never got to experience it in it’s full glory. 

Lido Cinemas’ history dates back over 100 years, to when it first opened in 1911, but it hasn’t been a cinema this whole time. Closing down in 1960 to became a dance school, and then a cabaret theatre, the cinema then became an unused building about a decade ago.

Upon entering the building, you can still notice a lot of the old fixtures and setup, but it no longer is a dated cinema. Given a fresh new look with lots of bright green couches, lighting projections and an overall modern hipster feel. 

The food bar serves gourmet cheeses, toasted sandwiches, miso soup, dumplings and Edamame beans and the booths and tables seem to be the happening spot to hang out amongst the younger adults. 

Lido cinemas screens a range of movies, ranging from arthouse through to international blockbusters. They are also supporting local film producers, with the 8km radius – documentaries filmed and produced within an 8km radius. We got to watch the one about the corporal from the army barracks.

With their Rooftop Cinema opening in November, this cinema will surely be the place to hang out in the summer, we only wish we lived just a short walk away.

Visit the website here.