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17 Minute Tram Stories

Melbourne trams

Did you know the average length of a tram ride in Melbourne is 17 minutes? Well, the folks at Yarra Trams knew this fact and decided to do something about it in conjunction with the Melbourne Writers Festival. The result is 17 minute Tram Stories, a series of new writing pieces, from writers that will be attending the Melbourne Writers Festival,which each take about 17 minutes to read. There’s a new story every week from July 24th to August 30th.

The first week’s story by Michaela Maguire concerned the nature of time and our perceived lack of it in today’s modern society. It even referenced one of We Know Melbourne’s favourite science experiments; the 1927 “Pitch Test” by Professor Thomas Parnell. Professor Parnell spent nearly 50 years waiting to observe the falling of one of the elusive droplets from a beaker of pitch. The drops only fell about once every 15 years and somehow, despite his vigilance, Professor Parnell managed to miss the falling of every drop during his life. The experiment is still ongoing at Queensland University.

The following week’s story by Mohammed Ali Baqiri was something totally different detailing the experiences of a young Afghan refugee arriving in Melbourne. It was a very moving and illuminating piece.

There can’t be anything much more “Melbournian” than reading a Melbourne Writers festival writer on a Melbourne tram so get to it at