Delhi Streets

Delhi Streets

Colourful, vibrant and aromatic. That’s three words we would use to describe India and that’s exactly what Delhi Streets bring to the table.

Their modern, colourful space tucked away in Katherine Place is full of India pop memorabilia, including everything from Bollywood posters to Indian branded furniture and table settings. Although the actual space is small (seats 28 people), the atmosphere is constantly buzzing. Grab a seat at the bar and watch your meal being cooked in the kitchen!

The menu is full of a range of vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes traditional dishes like biryanis, pakoras and puris, all at a very reasonable price. We opted for the thalis, and although when they first brought it out, we thought we were going to have order more, we can assure you, the dishes are just the right amount of food. Flavoursome, cheap and just right.

We Know Melbourne tip: We’ve got to warn you, we’ve tried to go a couple of times for lunch only to be met by long lines at the door. We recommend going there for dinner, where it’s still full of atmosphere, but no lines out the door.

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