Bounce is an amazing indoor wonderland of trampolines, foam pits and bouncing. It may seem like child’s play jumping on a trampoline for an hour, but this place isn’t for the faint-hearted. Over 100 trampolines line the floors and wall of the warehouse style play center, and there is plenty of padding and foam too, so that you can safely live out your jumping dreams.

Bounce Inc. is a place not only for children, but also teenagers, and adults who are young at heart. It’s also for adults who think themselves mature and without that inner child – although believe me, once you’re done with Bounce you will have changed your mind! It’s a wonderful family outing for the school holidays or the weekends, and this one is NOT just for the kids.

I arrived with my posse of excited jumpers on a Friday afternoon at the reception of Bounce, where the place was packed with kids and parents alike eating, watching others bounce around or just chatting. We received special socks to jump with as well as a quick briefing of what Bounce had to offer, while munching on a bite or two of healthy, affordable food from the café.

What a great activity for kids – both of the big and little kind! It’s safe to say that trampolining is a fun activity which can be mastered by all sizes, shapes and ages – and who knew it was great for balance and core strength too, as we figured out soon enough. After a brief jumping session I was puffed out, flushed and breaking a sweat. We had a fantastic session!

There are numerous areas you can try out within Bounce, besides the free-jumping arena where you just bounce to your heart’s desire. One of these is the foam pit – it features three long strips of trampoline runway, and at the end lies a huge foam pit with thousands of soft foam blocks that will cushion your fall. In this area I noticed many small children doing flips, cartwheels and tricks, and also a few adults who were at Bounce for a Christmas party!

It’s best to book ahead online to make sure you get into a session, as it is very popular, especially after school and on the weekends. It is $15 per jumper, and the first time you do have to purchase their extra grip socks at $1.50 but you can bring them back for next time (and there will be a next time, I guarantee it!)

So next time you’re planning a family outing or a fun day out with friends, come give Bounce a try! It’s active, fun and social – and who doesn’t love trampolines?


Check out the Bounce website at for more info or to book yourselves in for a session!



2 Weir Street, Glen Iris