Top 6 tips for the perfect hipster Christmas Party

Planning the perfect Christmas Party for a team full of hip, young thangs can be an very tricky business!

Making sure you have the right mix of old school nostalgia, modern tech, and a room with beautiful designer decor will ensure you are on track for high fives rather than some serious eye-rolling action come silly season.

Check out our Top 6 Tips for the perfect Hipster Christmas Party

The Swanston Hotel  Grand Mercure  have everything you need for your office Christmas party. From the dazzling heights of the 15th floor in ON15, to the chic and stylish setting of Louden, all you need to do is call (03) 8662 1341 or email H3028-SB08@accor.comwith a brief and we will create a brilliant, bespoke event that will see you crowned the office Superstar of the silly season.

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