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MICF Review: Daniel Connell “Bit of Shush”

Daniel Connell’s ‘Bit of Shush’ reaches out to all those who could use a bit more quiet in their lives. Whether you are seeking a break from hoons tearing up the streets, friends foisting foreign gourmet food on you or an increasing tide of political correctness Connell has you covered. Using some good ol’ Aussie self deprecating humour and delightful nostalgia he tackles some serious issues, like his Elon Musk induced existential crisis and Australian attitudes to refugees. If you’re a fan of TLC references and childhood favourite Allen’s Killer Pythons then this is the show for you (maybe not your kids though, it gets a bit bawdy!). A Bit of Shush is a great example of dry observational humour, with ‘No Scrubs’ allowed. 4 1/2 stars Reviewed and written by our guest writer –  Caitlin Carter Where: Melbourne Town Hall, Backstage Room, 100 Swanston Street When: 8:15 or 7:15pm, selected nights until 22 April. For more information and tickets check out the MICF website.