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Become the One is a story we have never seen or even heard of but which would, surely, exist. The play develops around the couple’s budding romance and ongoing partnership by focusing on their shared domestic life. Following a flirtatious first meeting when Noah is contracted as Tom’s cleaner, the two soon start cohabiting and indulging in teasing pillow talk, bubbling sexual energy, and happy moments, like knitting, together. The outside world peeps into their sanctuary through references to the media surrounding Tom’s athletic status, a point of tension resulting in climatic moments. Become the One is a tragedy representative not only of queer athletes and their partners but of the Australian Football League’s persistence in modelling a repressive narrative of masculinity and heteronormativity to a nation.  Venue: Main Theatre – Gasworks Arts Park, 21 Graham Street, Albert Park Duration: (70 mins) Date: 6th to 9th February 2019 More info here

Midsumma Review: Rebel

It’s been three years this January since the passing of legendary rock star David Bowie, and since his death many tribute shows have popped up – but none have pushed the boundaries of blended performance crafts quite like Rebel. Premiering as part of the 2019 Midsumma Festival program, and choreographed, directed and produced by Melbourne’s Highwire Entertainment, Rebel is a solid act, combining music, circus acrobatics and visual art into a live concert, glam rock and roll cabaret with heart stopping physical feats, a costume selection to die for and enough talent to make you sick. We witnessed roller skating trapeze, a hoops routine performed in eleven inch wedges, flames, flare and a bloke working an aerial pole in a pair of high top chucks like it was nothing, backed by a band of triple talented musicians. Bowie’s best hits were brought to life by the exceptionally charismatic Stewart Reeve, who’s amazing voice features enough embodiment of the Thin White Duke to bring each song perfectly to life, but still retain his own vocal flavour. …