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Eva & Les Erdi

The Eva and Les Erdi Humanitarian Charitable Foundation Bestows Gift on The Alfred Hospital

Australian Philanthropists, Eva and the late Dr Les Erdi, have given the breath of life to a major redevelopment of the emergency centre within the iconic Alfred Hospital in Melbourne. Over 60,000 people a year will benefit from what is the largest single donation ever made to the hospital in its over 100 years of operation. The donation is motivated by personal experience – the Alfred has been an integral part of the health and happiness of the Erdi family since they made their way to Melbourne mid 20th century. In a private unveiling ceremony on the 30th of June, 2015 the new title for the emergency ward was officially announced in bright, gleaming silver lettering – The Eva and Les Erdi Emergency and Trauma Centre in front of a small group of supporters. Eva Erdi was greeted with glowing praise as members of Parliament, Directors from Erdigroup (The Erdi’s primary business venture), and board members from the Alfred Hospital spoke of her and her late husbands generous spirits. Special thanks were given for their …