Sydney Road Guide

Sydney Road is known to many as the Middle Eastern heart of Melbourne. With Lebanese, Turkish, Syrian and Iraqi bakeries, restaurants & fresh produce stores dotting the strip we are spoilt for choice in this wonderfully multicultural district. Although, Sydney Road isn’t just known for its Middle Eastern choices there are many great beer gardens to sit back in and enjoy a drink, as well as some quirky shopping, and excellent restaurants… just a short tram ride from the city, Sydney Road is one of our favourite multi-cultural stretches of road.

Everything Middle Eastern

The best bakeries, grocers & sweets stores on the strip.

El Fayha | 648 Sydney Rd | 9386 9674 The best place on Sydney Road to get delicious nutty & syrupy Lebanese pastry sweets.

A1 Lebanese Bakery | 643-645 Sydney Rd | 9386 0440 A Lebanese bakery & produce store that offer cheap yet delicious savory pastries.

Amir Bakery | 819 Sydney Rd | 9384 0599 Melbourne’s only Iraqi bakery serves yummy handbag shaped sesame bread – best smeared with vegemite & cheese.

Omara Market | 695-697 Sydney Rd | 9386 3788 A wonderful produce market that sells fresh dates, prickly pears, persimmons & falafel to name but a few.

Pamukkale Bakery | 692 Sydney Rd | 9386 4144 A Turkish influenced bakery with goods such as cheese & spinach pies, beef borek, pide & simit – a sweet, sesame covered biscuit.

Half Moon Cafe | 13 Victoria St | 9350 2949 Get your Egyptian falafel fix at this unassuming cafe tucked away just off Sydney Road.

Tabet’s Bakery | 607 Sydney Rd | 9387 3461 Zaatar pizza, haloumi pies & delicious flatbreads are all made fresh at this Lebanese/Syrian bakery.

Café Coco | 573 Sydney Rd | 9387 6322 It wouldn’t be a true Middle Eastern experience without sitting back & enjoying an aromatic shisha.


Sydney Road is more than just the Middle East, these restaurants are sure to give you a taste of what else is on offer.

Albert Street Food & Wine | 382 Sydney Rd | 8354 6600 A restaurant, bar & food store that serves excellent European food from acclaimed dessert chef Phillipa Sibley.

The Post Office Hotel | 229-231 Sydney Rd | 9386 5300 A Brunswick pub with a great dining hall, beer garden & a little live music room.

Tom Phat | 184 Sydney Rd | 9381 2374 An institution in Brunswick with an excellent Asian menu that everybody loves.

Tandoori Nights | 167 Sydney Rd | 9388 0823 Don’t let the look of this little restaurant fool you, their IndianNepalese cuisine is very tasty.


Pubs, pubs & more pubs; there is a great selection of relaxing beer gardens to great live music venues!

The Retreat Hotel | 280 Sydney Rd | 9380 4090 A very popular local haunt with a great beer garden out the back.

The Brunswick Green | 313 Sydney Rd | 9381 2413 Home to the best beer garden on the strip, a chilled out relaxing bar.

Howler | 7-11 Dawson St | 9077 5572 This arts and live music space hosts all the latest underground bands, dj’s and other such acts.

The Penny Black | 420 Sydney Rd | 9380 8667 Located in the old Brunswick GPO, this is the perfect bar for a lazy afternoon session.

The Brunswick Hotel | 140 Sydney Rd | 9387 6637 A great little pub on the corner that supports local live music.

Brunswick Mess Hall | 400 Sydney Road | 9388 9297 A beer hall and restaurant serving up tasty Asian plates to share.


Bridal, furniture & quirky boutique shops are interspersed throughout the plethora of foodie outlets.

Kinki Gerlinki | 209 Sydney Road | 9381 1136 Eclectic female fashion, shoes & accessories… very bohemian.

Brunswick Bound | 361 Sydney Road | 9381 4019 A fantastic little eclectic bookstore that doubles as a gallery upstairs.

Raffaele Ciuca | 441-443 Sydney Road | 9380 4044 One of Melbourne’s most famous spots for the bride-to-be.

Mr Kitly | 381 Sydney Road | 9078 7357 A shop/gallery with a curated collection of designer functional objects for the home.

Mediterranean Wholesalers | 482-492 Sydney Road | 9380 4777 Local & imported specialty foods including pasta, cheeses, meats, oils… it may be best to bring your own Italian nonna to navigate through this shop.

Sparta Place | 459 Sydney Road Hidden just off Sydney Road, this little alleyway houses boutique clothing stores that rub shoulder to shoulder with imported women’s wear, jewellery, shoes & tattooist shops.

Getting To Sydney Rd Tram 19 | From Elizabeth St | Approx 15 mins

Download our Sydney Road Guide here.

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