North Melbourne Guide


North Melbourne is actually a hidden gem. Situated right on the CBD fridge, you can walk to it from most central Melbourne locations. Bordered by the Queen Victoria Markets, we absolutely love this place for a chill breakfast, dinner, drinks or regular old hang in an unpretentious, ‘just-grungy-enough’ atmosphere.

Here is our top tips for the best spot to get the most out of North Melbourne.

  1. Town Hall Bar | 33 Errol Street
    Epic parmas and no-frills bevvies served in a bar which hasn’t changed since 1970. The walls are covered with rock memorabilia, and a cozy beer garden out the back.
  2. Mork Chocolate Brew House | 150 Errol Street
    This unassuming, slightly hidden little gem serves smoked, chilled, infused liquid chocolate varieties of the best kinds. Try the vanilla-bean sparkling water. Delish!
  3. The Comics Lounge | 1/26 Errol Street
    Home to many local comedians for qualities shows seven nights a week, it also pays host to larger names from time to time, who are testing out new material.
  1. The Kathmandu Cottage | 349 Victoria Street
    Great value and BYO, the quality of the Nepalese cuisine at this restaurant means you have a truly gorgeous feed, then still have cash for a night cap at a nearby bar.
  1. Prudence | 368 Victoria Street
    Quirky, cozy like your crazy Nan’s house (that maybe was a groupie in the 70’s), this two-level plus beer garden bar is a great place to share a Coopers green with mates.
  1. Elceed | 610 Queensberry Street
    A cute breakfast café that supplies crocheted rugs for its outdoor patrons, their pea and parmesean mash and house granola are the reasons we get up in the morning.
  1. North Melbourne Books | 546 Queensberry Street
    You won’t be able to walk past this old-fashioned store and not delve into the wormhole and scent of books, glorious books, we dare you not to buy something.
  1. Little Africa | 358 Victoria Street
    Traditional African cuisine – delicious meats, curries and vegetables served on a huge pancake to share with friends. The scent alone when you get inside is amazing.