Graffiti off the grid


When thinking about underground street art in Melbourne, everyone is quick to mention Hosier Lane, but there are so many more locations to check out in the city than just Hosier. Melbourne is a gigantic labyrinth of creatively adorned laneways, begging to be explored, here are our top picks of some secret laneways that are definitely Insta-worthy.

Caledonian Lane
This little laneway situated between Bourke and Lonsdale Street may not be the boldest or most substantial, but you will get to see some unique and odd pieces. Since the Emporium refurbishment, this laneway has slowed down on the graffiti front due to an increased security presense, however that doesn’t stop artists sneaking some in from time to time.

ACDC Lane & Duckboard Place
Located off Flinders Lane, just steps from Hosier Lane, this laneway is one of the original lanes to embrace and showcase it’s graffiti and street art. Apart from the awesome graffiti, you will also find vintage rock posters that date back to the 70s, 80s and 90s from bands who have played at nearby Cherry Bar along the adjoining brick walls.

Cocker Alley
Look carefully, and you might just spot some Banksy artwork, the Rats. This is a lesser known laneway but the addition of a Banksy piece has lifted the laneway a little. This laneway is also ever-changing so make sure you check it out regularly.

Rutledge Lane
Rutledge Lane is the new kid in the town since its blue wall repaint in 2013. This laneway leads right back into Hosier Lane in a small u-shape, and is where all the secret street artists hide.

Union Lane
It’s location between Bourke and Little Collins Streets makes Union Lane a key attraction for the shoppers of Melbourne visiting Myer. Since the revamp there has been fresh street art popping up every day from local and graffiti artists, it’s a must for all travellers and art enthusiasts.

Croft Alley
Hidden away in China TownCroft Alley is a little difficult to find. The artwork here changes daily and it’s the perfect space for street artists to work their magic. We receommend heading down to nearby – The Croft Institute for a drink and then be wowed by the street art as you make you way there.