Did somebody say chicken?

Your WKM team visit the hottest new venue in town where the humble chook is king!

There’s an old adage in hospitality that you shouldn’t try and be all things to all people. Pick something that you are good at and work at perfecting that offering. In the case of Belleville, the hippest new Bar/Restaurant in town, that special offering is just one dish; rotisserie cooked chicken!

The Belleville team are pretty serious when it comes to their chooks. They only use organic free range chickens and their giant rotisserie has been specially imported from Brazil. Ordering is easy, just choose a size (quarter, half or whole), choose a sauce (mild gravy, medium ginger and coriander, or hot ssamjang) and choose some sides.  They also have a range of Asian influenced snacks that you can add to your meal. When the WKM team went there we decided to get a side dish to complement our deliciously flavoursome whole chicken so we ordered some extra chicken! Our side was spicy popcorn chicken nuggets with a delicious tonkatsu aioli.

This hidden away first floor venue is bright and spacious with large windows looking out onto Little Bourke street and Swanston street. The vibe is very relaxed with friendly and knowledgeable staff. The whole place had a bit of a South American feel; maybe it was just all the people sitting around eating chicken with their fingers!

Another highpoint for Belleville was the really well thought out wine list being sourced from only three regions Victoria, Tasmania and France. A handy map inside the menu tells you where each wine is from. The WKM team were especially impressed with the list of white wines which included a lot of interesting varietals and looked pretty perfect for some summer drinking. The venue also has a cool cocktail bar tucked away in an adjoining room for some late night tippling.

The WKM Verdict; Don’t count your chickens just yet (!) but with a bit of luck this could be THE bar to visit in Melbourne now that summer has finally arrived. Visit the website here.

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