Belleville: Chicken Chute

Free rotisserie chicken falling from the sky, what a whimsical but original way to deliver lunch to a bunch of hungry, hungry Melbournites.

To celebrate their new takeaway offering, the uber-trendy Belleville did just that, and as we are located right across the road on Swanston Street – we thought we’d head along and check it out with the starving masses.

Arriving at around 11.50 to get a good jostling spot, we eagerly waited with the other suits and students for a glimpse of these parachuting chicken pieces, and at 12.03 we were rewarded as a bell tinkled, and then a paper bag of delicious chicken goodness peacefully floated down from the sky, followed by another, and then another.

One or two of these precious packages fell victim to the nearby pipes and got stuck on the way down, but the rest were gratefully caught by those in the crowd. One came right down on top of us as we performed a dramatic leap (resulting in a mid-air collision) to try and catch it, but alas, we missed out.

Vouchers and prizes were also sprinkled into the alley for lucky people to try and catch.

Belleville (a fabulous lunch spot) is located on Globe Alley (off Little Bourke Street), and specialises in, well chicken. Check them out here.