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Hash Specialty Coffee & Roasters

hot chocolate

New to Melbourne, Hash Speciality Coffee & Roasters is the epitome of Melbourne hipsterdom. From the logo (yes, it’s a hashtag), through to their range of filter and cold brew coffees, this cafe, is one you’ll take your out of towner friends to, that will make them question why they aren’t living in Melbourne already.

While we chose to dine there for breakfast, one cooler Sunday morning we must admit that the main drawcard for us was the speciality hot chocolate – We even passed up coffee to drink it. You’ve probably seen the photos already, the one that makes you look twice and wonder how it even works. (To be honest, we thought the same thing). Served on a wooden board, their signature “Hash Hot Chocolate”, is made with Mork Dark Chocolate (80% cocoa)  and served with fairy floss to sweeten the bitterness. Pour the hot chocolate over the fairy floss over and watch it dissolve like magic. For $6 it’s a chocolate mouthgasm!

Visit the Hash Specialty Facebook page here.

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